Dermal Therapies

Be Naturally You now has a fully qualified Dermal Therapist as part of our dedicated team! Our clients can now benefit from a specific selection of specialized skin treatments and anti aging solutions to target deeper skin concerns. At Be Naturally You we always ensure our clients achieve the best and most natural looking results. Our Dermal Therapist will create a tailor made program of specific skin therapies to address any concern you have.

New treatment options…

30% GLYCOLIC PEELS: Perfect for the thickened surface layers that appear as dry, rough and scaly skin. Stimulates the production of collagen to the deeper levels. As the uppermost layers of dead skin are sloughed away, a smoother textured and healthier skin is revealed. Glycolic peels are used to treat mild sun damage, pigmentation and loss of elasticity.

PRICE: $120 (2-6 treatments performed fortnightly are recommended)

12% TCA PEEL: The ‘gold standard’ for skin peels. Experience results at a whole new level! This procedure can treat deep sun damage, pigmentation, freckles and wrinkles. It can also be used to treat melasma and age spots. TCA peels remove the upper layers of the skin, but also induce collagen remodelling- noticeably improving both skin texture and skin tone.

Price $120 per treatment (2-6 treatments performed fortnightly are recommended) 

JESSNER PEELS: Ideal for skin’s that suffer with blackheads, acne, congestion, sun damage and pigmentation. Jessner peels are a popular option for skin rejuvenation especially for those prone to breakouts. This is because of one of its main ingredients, salicylic acid, deeply penetrates the skin to remove congested sebum and dead skin cells leaving your complexion dramatically clearer and smoother.

Price $120 per treatment (2-6 treatments performed fortnightly are recommended)

DERMA-PEN SKIN NEEDLING: Instigates collagen induction through the delivery of micro  needles into the dermis levels of your skin. The tiny incisions cause ‘micro injuries’ to your skin and encourage your body to re-grow and repair the damaged skin through collagen production.  The derma-pen procedure doesn’t involve heat, thermal energy or other chemical’s which can cause unnecessary trauma, your skin will heal quickly with almost no down time. Derma-pen promotes scar less healing and all natural collagen reproduction. Delivering similar results to a fractional laser treatment, IPL, laser resurfacing or chemical peels but without and side effects or down time.  Great for all types of acne scaring, collagen stimulation, pigmentation or general skin rejuvenation.

Price: Full Face $ 220 | Spot treatment: $99 | Half face : $150 | Neck: $180

How many treatments will I need with Derma-pen?

Facial rejuvenation: 4-6 treatments at intervals of four weeks;
Acne Scarring: 6-10 treatments at intervals of six weeks;
Stretch Marks: At least 10 treatments at intervals of six weeks

With all Dermal therapies pre pay for any 5 treatments and get your 6th for FREE!

We recommend a FREE consultation prior to any Dermal Therapy procedure, this will enable us to prepare the best coarse of treatments for your individual skin concerns.

All skins must be prepared with cosmeceutical skin care prior to commencing any Dermal Therapy treatment. This will allow for better product penetration and reduce down time.

All Dermal Therapies are designed to be performed as a coarse of treatments for optimum results, however ‘one off treatments’ are welcome. 

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